Sinonimos de regalo en ingles

I can't give away all my trade secrets.
You can either throw out or give my clothing, etcetera, away.
Merecerse un regalo deserve a little something He always puts others before himself and he deserves a little something in return.
More_vert sends forth each day (cf.Tienda de gatos para regalar en asturias regalos souvenir shop gift shop novelty shop The novel begins as the heroine leaves Tennessee and settles in a northern Florida beach town, where she gets a job at a souvenir shop during the town's off-season.More_vert, freedom can never be given away.Regalo courtesy ; donation ; gift ; present ; freebie ; giveaway give-away ; seasonal gift.More_vert, now, the axis of history has shifted, and after 50 years of war between east and west, we are currently experiencing a world crisis revolving around north-south relations.Puedes tirar o regalar mi ropa.So, of course they are willing to give this shipment.Ejemplar de regalo gift copy.And then sprint is going to give away a 100,000 pride.

Papel de envolver regalos gift wrapping paper No waste: save regalos originales para una amiga hechos a mano used gift wrapping paper and reuse it next year.
SpanishAl igual que mis colegas, cuestiono por tanto este "cheque en blanco" que se regala en bandeja de plata a los Estados miembros.
The event was a multicultural readers' fair featuring celebrity speakers, authors, ethnic music and dancing and book giveaways.
Why dont't they give these people some lessons in common courtesy?The best things in life are free: even with e-commerce, there are freebies to be had on the Web.Cupón de regalo gift certificate, prizes included an MP3 player, a cell phone with prepaid minutes, and a 50 gift certificate at the local mall.SpanishDict está dedicada a mejorar nuestra página web usando los comentarios de nuestros usuarios e introduciendo elementos nuevos e interactivos que seguirán fortaleciendo el aprendizaje del español. .Cultura del regalo Se utiliza para describir las relaciones sociales en donde las acciones no están motivadas por razones económicas, a diferencia de las existentes en una economía de mercado gift culture, for examined in this way, it is quite clear that the society of open.More_vert, like my fellow Members, I therefore question this 'blank cheque' offered to the Member States on a plate.Vale de regalo gift certificate Prizes included an MP3 player, a cell phone with prepaid minutes, and a 50 gift certificate at the local mall.The first thing I did was pile them one on another and then sit on them while I looked at my other presents.You're crazy to give away that many points.